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 PopeDarien's Moderator Application.

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PopeDarien's Moderator Application. Empty
PostSubject: PopeDarien's Moderator Application.   PopeDarien's Moderator Application. EmptyTue Jun 05, 2012 3:05 pm

Name - Darien McCoy

Sex - Male

Minecraft name - PopeDarien

Age: 14 My birthday is September 2, 1997

Religion - Christian - Baptist

Race: Mixed (What I call myself, My Mom is White, and my Father is black. So it makes me mixed)

Servers I am OP'ed/Staff on: thecrue505.malware-site.www(No name yet), icrafthost.no-ip.org(iCraft), And My Owner Server that is still being worked on

Little bit about me: I am very Funny, and I have a great sense of humor. Well that's what my friends say, lol. I take minecraft very seriously and since its Summer time = No School, I can be on the server helping you and other players to keep the Server safe and awesome. The Only time I would be off the server for awhile is for Church, I go with my grandmother every Sunday just for her.
I should become a Moderator on FusionCraft because I am Trust worthy, Helpful and Kind to Others. and As My Friends at school say, Sweet, because If someone is Down and in he blues I put them back in a Awesome mood. If You do choose me to become a Moderator, We can keep in touch by Facebook - Darien McCoy. And/Or Skype - mccoy.darien
Thanks for reading this And I hope you have A Fantastic, Glorious Day , And God Bless.
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PopeDarien's Moderator Application.
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